Designing Radiant Smiles with Braces for Kids in Summerlin

Many orthodontic problems are easiest to fix when they are treated early by our pediatric orthodontist in Summerlin. Braces for kids promote healthy, confident permanent smiles.

Why deal with the drawbacks of a crooked adult smile if you don’t have to? Our kid’s orthodontist is an expert in aligning children’s smiles properly and ensuring a great grownup smile.

Benefits of braces for kids include:

our pediatric orthodontist can fit braces for kids in Summerlin

  • Reversal of bite problems such as open bite, crossbite, or deep bite. Bite problems can result in a dysfunctional jawbone and pain, not to mention a smile that doesn’t look quite right. These problems can be quickly reversed with the help of a pediatric orthodontist.
  • Avoiding future orthodontic correction. Seeking the help of a kid’s orthodontist will mean fewer dental visits in later years. Orthodontic treatment will be much easier, or they may not need any further treatment at all.
  • Enhancing your child’s appearance and self-esteem. Your child can benefit from that extra dose of happiness that a confident smile brings. They will be proud to smile and laugh more, and they will have a better foundation for a high self-esteem during adolescence and adulthood.

Our kid’s orthodontist provides both metal braces for kids and Invisalign® teen. Both options apply pressure on the child’s jaws and teeth to gradually shift them to their targeted position.

Our metal braces for kids are composed of high-quality materials and are made smaller and more comfortable than braces of the past.


If your teen is dreading a visit to their pediatric dentist for orthodontics, assure them that Invisalign® Teen is an option. Invisible aligners are a whole new approach to braces that offer advantages like:

  • Removability, so your teen can eat whatever they please and brush and floss their teeth normally.
  • Comfort because there is no metal to irritate the mouth.
  • Virtually undetectable appearance, so no one has to know they’re wearing braces.

Come ask our kids’ dentist if Invisalign® Teen is a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Braces or Invisalign® Teen: What’s Best for My Child?

What’s the best way to wear braces for kids? That all depends on your child and their unique needs.

our kids orthodontist in Las Vegas can fit your child with Invisalign Teen

Our pediatric dentist may recommend metal braces for more complex orthodontic cases or for younger patients who may not reliably wear their removable Invisalign® Teen aligners. Invisalign® Teen may be a better option for a responsible adolescent who prefers a more subtle braces treatment.

Let’s take the next step towards a healthy smile together. Contact our kids’ orthodontist in Summerlin with a call to Summer Kids Dental today.

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