When They’re No Longer Children

Kids grow up. Every parent knows that, and knows the mixed feelings that come with it. When they’re toddlers we take them to a pediatric dentist, like those at Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas. How do we know when the time has come to go to a general dental practice?

Generally speaking, pediatric dentists see their young patients until they’re eighteen years old. But experts say there really is no age limit. Instead, it’s one of those decisions that parents come to naturally. When the time is right, you usually know.

We can advise you on this decision. You know that the Summer Kids Dental office is geared toward younger people. You can see it in the waiting room, and you can see it in the way we interact with our patients. Here, as with most pediatric dental practices, there is a much greater focus on atmosphere, and on the way we interact with the young patient sitting in our chair.

By the time our patients move on to a general dentist, we have met their needs. As pediatric dentists we are trained in the way that mouths change as people grow up. The teeth, of course, are our primary concern. We watch as our patients get their first teeth, lose their first teeth, and have their permanent teeth come in. We make sure those permanent teeth are coming in straight, and recommend orthodontics if they aren’t.

Growing up is the whole point. At Summer Kids Dental, we understand that. We are privileged to provide your child with pediatric dentistry and other early dental care, and privileged to watch them grow into young adults. But it’s hard to forget how they were as youngsters.

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