Tooth Extraction at Summer Kids Dental

We don’t ordinarily think of children as need a tooth extraction, but it happens. When it does, the team at Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas is equipped to perform the procedure, simply and painlessly.

There are several reasons why children sometimes need to have a tooth pulled. It may be so badly decayed that not even a root canal would save it. Sometimes kids who are getting braces need an extraction so that there’s enough room for their remaining teeth to move into proper alignment. Or a tooth may be fractured beyond repair.

Whatever the reason, pulling a child’s tooth is basically a nuclear option: something we never do unless there is no alternative. At Summer Kids Dental, we never put any child through an extraction unless it is absolutely necessary.

When the decision is made to proceed, we make sure that everyone involved is at ease – our little patients, in particular. We know most kids don’t like going to the dentist to begin with. Having to endure something like an extraction can be really scary.

So we explain that their tooth is really sick and needs to come out. After numbing the entire area to prevent pain, we loosen the tooth with a special tool, and then take it out of the socket. (It’s up to the child to place it under their pillow for the tooth fairy.)

Since we want the extraction to be as stress-free as possible, we alway have the option of sedation. Most often we use nitrous oxide (laughing gas). We also have oral conscious sedation, which is stronger.

At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, the dental health and well-being of our young patients is always our top priority. Schedule your child’s next cleaning and checkup today.

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