Straight Teeth

By the time children reach the age of seven, most have all their baby teeth and the adult teeth are ready to descend. That’s when we can see whether a child will need braces, at Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas.

Adult teeth start to come in between the ages of seven and nine. If there is an issue, that’s a good time to address it.¬†Children have softer bones that respond more readily to orthodontics.

At that age, we look for two things: tooth crowding, and jaw misalignment. Misalignment means a severe overbite, where the top teeth extend well beyond the bottom teeth; or an underbite, which is the reverse.

Sometimes parents wonder if it’s really all that important to straighten their children’s teeth. Isn’t it a question of appearance, when all is said and done?

It isn’t that simple. While it’s true that straighter teeth look nice, they also make it easier to bite and chew, and even to speak more clearly.

We understand that no kid really wants to have braces. Modern braces are more comfortable than they used to be. For some kids, clear braces are also an option: plastic aligners that straighten teeth, but can be removed at mealtime and for brushing and flossing.

At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas we offer a full range of pediatric dentistry, including traditional and clear braces. Schedule an appointment for your child today!

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