Las Vegas Children’s First Dentist Appointment

New parents usually wonder: when should my children visit the dentist for the first time? You can probably find an answer in What To Expect the First Year. Even easier, just keep reading this blog post!

The rule of thumb is to bring your child in when his or her teeth first come in. That’s usually around their first birthday. During that first visit, we can determine whether your youngster is at risk of developing cavities.

Parents are often surprised to hear they should bring their child in at such an early age. But studies show that pre-school aged children are getting more cavities than they used to. In fact, one of every four kids in the United States has had at least one cavity by the time they reach the age of four.

It’s important that kids learn proper oral care. Of course, at one year of age, no child is going to be able to brush. But parents can learn how to take care of the baby’s mouth. They can learn about habits such as thumb sucking, which is common and has a detrimental effect on young mouths.

At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, we are big advocates of early dental care for all children. We’ve created a kid-friendly environment that will put the little ones at ease, while they get the pediatric dentistry they need. Call today to set up your child’s appointment.

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