Kids And the Dentist: Dental Checkups in Las Vegas

None of us really enjoys going to the dentist, but we recognize it as an important part of our overall health. If you can instill that idea into your kids at an early age, you’ve gotten them started on a lifetime of good oral health. At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, we try to make each dental checkup a positive experience.

You can begin by teaching your kids that the dentist is there to help them have strong, healthy teeth, and that they do that by looking into their mouths to make sure everything is in good shape. Then tell them about your own positive experiences with the dentist, and how important dental health – theirs and yours – is to you.

The first time you take your child to the dentist, it is probably not going to take very  long. There isn’t likely to be any treatment, either. Really it’s an opportunity for your child to see that the dentist’s office is a friendly place. We’ll check your child’s teeth, examine their bite, and see if there are any issues that we’ll address somewhere down the road. We can also talk about good dental health habits, like brushing technique.

At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, we have video games in the waiting area and a staff that is not only great with kids, but enjoys them. We offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry and early dental care, and if need be, orthodontics when the youngsters are a little older. Schedule dental checkup with us today.

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