Dental Health in Children

There is no better time to emphasize good dental health than when your kids are still young. Get them started on taking good care of their primary teeth – the first set – and get them used to seeing us at Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas for regular cleanings and checkups, and you have fulfilled one of your most important roles as a parent.

Good dental health actually begins as early as infancy. Most children have at least one tooth come in by their first birthday. That is the time to get them in for a checkup. Even if they don’t have any teeth by the time they turn one, they should see us for an examination. These early, first visits not only ensure your child’s mouth is healthy; they also teach you how to care for your baby’s teeth.

Even before any teeth come in, you should be taking care of your baby’s mouth. Just like giving them a bath, it’s something that needs to be done consistently. That means wiping the gums with a soft, warm wet cloth after feedings.

When teeth finally do come in, it’s important to keep them clean. When they’re still very young, buy a toothbrush that is designed especially for babies. At that point you don’t need to use toothpaste; just keep their teeth clean.

As kids get a little older, you should start using a dab of toothpaste on the brush; something no bigger than pea-sized. You should continue doing the brushing for them until their manual dexterity develops. Three or four is a good age to let them take over, but you should make sure they are doing an adequate job.

Kids begin losing their baby teeth around the age of six or so, though every child is different, of course. By then your child should be accustomed to seeing us at Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. We provide a full range of pediatric dentistry services and specialize in early dental care. Schedule an appointment for your little one today.

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