Dental Health and Children

It isn’t even close: tooth decay is the top dental health issue in kids in the United States. It is so prevalent, in fact, that health experts call it the number one chronic childhood illness. That’s why regular checkups at Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas are so critical.

In toddlers, one of the bigggest culprits in tooth decay is something parents do with the best intentions: letting their youngster go to bed with a bottle. It is a common cause of cavities: so common, it has a name, baby bottle tooth decay.

A bottle might help your child get to sleep. But the sugars in milk or juice sit in their mouths all night, and become an ideal breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria. If you put your child to bed with a bottle, you should stop immediately.

As common as cavities are, they are not the only dental health issue that kids face. Other common problems include:

  • Early tooth loss. This may be the result of tooth decay, or from an injury. When a child’s baby teeth come out too early, the reamining teeth can shift position in the gums. This can impact the permanent teeth. If your child loses a baby tooth prematurely, please let us know immediately.
  • Thumb sucking. It can be emotionally soothing, and even reflexive. But when children continue to suck their thumb after the age of five, it can effect the growth of their teeth. Patience with positive reinforcement is the best way to get them to stop.
  • Lip sucking. This may not be as well-known as thumb sucking, but lip sucking is also common. It involves kids putting their lower lip between their upper and lower teeth, and sucking on it. It can affect the slignment of growing teeth, and lead to difficulties in speaking clearly. Once again, the best way to tackle it is with patience and positive reinforcement.

At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, we want the best possible dental health for your child, and for all of our young patients. We provide experienced pediatric dentistry, and have established a kid-friendly office. Schedule an appointment for your child today!

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