Crooked Teeth? No Problem

It is common for children to have adult teeth come in crooked. In most cases, the cause for this is genetics: hereditary factors like big teeth, small jaws, and wide spacing. If it happens to your child, not to worry! Braces from Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas can straighten crooked teeth.

Hereditary factors can be made worse by bad habits, such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, or by bad luck, like the premature loss of baby teeth or jaw misalignment caused by an injury. Any of these can lead to crowded teeth, and/or a bad bite, also known as malocclusion.

The three most common treatments for crooked teeth are:

  • Traditional (metal) braces
  • Retainers
  • Clear braces

These work by putting pressure on the teeth to bring them into proper alignment.

Metal braces consist of brackets and bands that are attached to the teeth with dental cement. Each bracket is connected to the next with wire, which is tightened to gradually align the teeth.

Retainers work in much the same way.

Clear braces, like those from Invisalign, are the newest approach to straightening teeth. The patient wears a series of customized trays that apply the pressure to align the teeth. They need to be worn most of the time, but can be removed for meals and to brush and floss.

There are very good reasons to straighten crooked teeth, and they go beyond creating a more attractive smile. Crooked teeth can result in tooth decay and improper chewing.

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