Cavities and Kids: Good News, Bad News

Tooth decay remains one of the most common issues in children’s dentistry, which is why we want to see our young patients for a check up twice a year, at Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas.

Tooth decay is, in fact, the most common chronic disease in American children between the ages of six and eleven. It is caused by bacteria in the mouth, which convert to acids and wear away at tooth enamel.

Does all this sound ominous? It is. And yet, we have two pieces of good news to add: first is that tooth decay is largely preventable, and second is that according to a study from the spring of 2018, that rates of cavities in kids has declined somewhat in recent years.

We’re going to throw a little cold water on that good news, though. There are some differences in the rates of tooth decay in kids when you break it down into different groups. Kids from lower-income families, for example, tend to have higher rates of tooth decay than do those from more affluent families.

But let’s circle back to that first piece of good  news: cavities are largely preventable. Brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste is a huge step in the right direction. Add flossing and rinsing with a fluoridated mouthwash to the routine, and you’re more than halfway there. Dental sealants are also an excellent idea.

And then there is diet. It’s really important to limit sugary snacks, and drinks too. We mean things like cookies and candy, and soda and fruit juice. All that sugar will – will – wreak havoc on the dental health of children.

And we want to see our patients for a check up every six months, so we can stay on top of their dental health. At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas we provide pediatric dentistry and are big advocates of early dental care. Schedule an appointment for your child today.

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