Can Teens Get By Without Braces?

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Sometimes kids see braces as a rite of passage, and look forward to getting them. More often they don’t, at least in the experience of Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas.

Kids can be very persuasive when they’re arguing against getting braces. Their bite isn’t really that bad, and they can get by just fine without having metal in their mouth for the next couple of years. And it’s true that a lot of people can get through life with misaligned teeth.

But it is also true that adults who never had braces as kids are more likely to face serious issues like gum disease, early loss of teeth, and even Type 2 diabetes and heart disease because of their bad bite. They may also be looking at expensive and complicated dental work to fix what can be corrected much more easily during the teenage years.

In fact, the younger crooked teeth are straightened, the easier it usually is. Many orthodontists believe that once the permanent teeth come in, which usually happens around the age of seven, issues like an uneven bite and overcrowding will be detectable, and planning for orthodontics can begin.

Clear braces, which can be removed at mealtime and for brushing and flossing, work for some kids, but not all. Teeth are straightened with steady pressure, which gradually brings them into the correct position. For many kids, that means brackets, wires, and rubber bands.

Once the braces come off, patients need to wear a retainer to keep their teeth from moving back to where they were. They’re kind of like an athlete’s mouth guard. How long retainers need to be worn varies from patient to patient.

At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, we believe in early dental care. A poor bite is not something that teenagers outgrow. With proper orthodontics, we can correct it, and keep them on the road to a lifetime of good dental health.

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