Bruxism in Kids: What To Do

Bruxism occurs in people of all ages, but it is surprisingly common in children. As many as three of every ten children have bruxism. We see it frequently at Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, and can help.

Bruxism is the formal term for teeth grinding. It should be taken seriously, because it can wear away at tooth enamel. In many cases kids grind their teeth when they sleep, and aren’t even aware of it. It is also common for kids to grind their teeth while awake, but be completely unaware of it.

The good news is that most kids with bruxism outgrow it eventually.

We will probably see signs of bruxism when you bring your child in for a cleaning and checkup. But you don’t have to wait for their next appointment, if you think you child has bruxism. You can bring them in ahead of their six month exam, or you can try to determine it yourself.

Is the child overly worried or angry about something? These emotions can trigger teeth grinding. You can look in on them at night as they sleep, and listen for any grinding noises. Your child may also complain of a sore jaw or pain while chewing. Headaches, facial pain, and jaw problems can also result from bruxism.

Children who are spirited – sometimes called hyperactive – may be prone to bruxism and teeth clenching, and it can also be a reaction to some medications. It can also be an indication of cerebral palsy.

We can provide a custom-fitted mouth guard to wear while sleeping. But your pediatrician should also be in the loop.

At Summer Kids Dental, we are committed to excellent dental health in all of our patients, via pediatric dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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