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Your children need to have their teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist every six months, just like you do. At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, we make teeth cleanings a part of every checkup.

Cleanings and checkups are always important. But children are at higher than usual risk for tooth decay during the first ten years of life. That makes it critical to have any tartar build-up removed on a regular basis.

Some kids go to the dentist more willingly than others do. But does any kids really like dentist appointments? Not much more than anyone else, we suppose. But by starting them early, and making their appointments regularly, youngsters are more likely to develop a positive attitude about seeing the dentist. And that help keep them on the road toward a lifetime of good dental health.

Regular cleanings and checkups in children should begin no later than the age of two. Even by that age, though, kids should be dentist office veterans. Along with the American Dental Association, we recommend children see the dentist no later than their first birthday, or when their first tooth comes in – whichever comes first.

At Summer Kids Dental in Las Vegas, we had made our office a bright and kid-friendly place. We offer a full range of pediatric dentistry services. Schedule a cleaning and checkup for your youngster today!

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