Tooth Extractions

Carefully Removing Permanent or Baby Teeth

get children's teeth pulled and baby teeth checked by our Summerlin dentist

Our kids’ dentist in Summerlin, Las Vegas, we promise to do everything we can to keep your child’s smile safe. In some instances, tooth removal is the best way to do so.

Rest assured that when your child has one or more teeth pulled, we go above and beyond expectations to keep them comfortable. With patient amenities, games, and entertainment, along with prizes, local anesthesia, and sedation dentistry options, your child can have a pleasant procedure.

Children’s Tooth Removal in Las Vegas

We may recommend tooth removal for either baby teeth or permanent teeth. Some of the reasons our dentists may suggest tooth extraction include:

  • Significant Damage or Decay: If a tooth has been hit hard by tooth decay or physical trauma, tooth removal may be more effective than hefty restorations.
  • Overcrowding: Tooth extraction can free up space in the mouth to create a healthy, straight, and beautiful smile.

Quick and Easy Procedure
Whether your child is having baby teeth or permanent teeth pulled, their comfort is our number one priority. Parents are welcome to choose a form of sedation to help their children relax. Either way, your child will be given one-on-one attention and gentle care during their tooth extraction.

When we need to remove baby teeth or permanent teeth, our experts can complete the procedure in just a few minutes, and often with no pain at all.

Post-Extraction Care
After the completion of the tooth removal, our Summerlin dentists will apply gauze to the site, which should be held in place for at least one hour. We recommend your child applies ice to keep swelling down. We also recommend:

our Las Vegas dentist in Summerlin provides children's tooth extractions and check baby teeth

  • Eating soft foods
  • Avoiding using straws
  • Limiting physical activity

Just 24 hours after having their teeth pulled, your child can resume regular activities.

Learn More About Pediatric Tooth Extractions

If you have any questions or concerns about tooth extractions for your child, contact the dentists at Summer Dental in Las Vegas today. You can also request an appointment using this page. We look forward to making you and your child’s dentistry experience a pleasant one!

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